The Triangle Ghost Theme does a great job of highlighting imagery, but having a long image at the top of a post doesn't always give an image the focus it deserves. If you just took a great photo of a new product you're releasing, you'd want that to be a prominent part of the post. Well you know what does a great job of focusing a viewers eye? A prominently placed light-box modal. ...what's a light-box modal? Click the image and you'll find out quickly. By tagging your post with "photo" this adjustment is made automatically.

Want to get fancy with your images?

We like "fancy" almost as much as we like "subtle", but there are a couple prereqs first. We want all our effects to be CSS based, because that is the best way to offer cross-platform effects that gently degrade and are future proof. Luckily we have all those requirements met and best of all - the integrations are dead simple to use, just add a class. For the sake of example we'll just use one image, but all these effects are simple overlay effects (via UIkit) that come baked in right out of the box.

  • Desert Stock

    From the left.

  • Desert Stock
  • Desert Stock

    From the right.

Looking to get extra extra fancy with your images?

You can even use CSS classes to tailor the images behind the overlays! Spin, Grayscale, Fade, etc. When you purchase this theme it also includes links to this exact HTML, just in case you want a few examples to go along with the excellent documentation included with all our integrations. As we've mentioned before - each project is unique, but as you can see our foundation is solid.

  • Desert Stock

    CSS3 animations.

  • Desert Stock
    Full HTML

    Include whatever you want

  • Desert Stock
    All with UIKit

    Easy class based effects.

    Detail Here

Photo suggestions & Credits

An amazing selection of photos really give Ghost websites impact. For this theme we recommend using a standard landscape layout for most images and a square shape for author backgrounds. Tons of care has been placed in ensuring proper layout, but when dealing with responsive websites sometimes you need to make sure your images suit the space. Functionally, the images are attached to the top center of the page, then fill 100% of the pages width. If you notice any clipping (at the bottom), you may want to consider changing the dimensions of your image.

Special thanks for all the photographers that supplied the photos we've used to display the theme. They are all incredible looking and can all be found at Check em out!!


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