The Triangle Ghost theme is built to sort and index posts, but it really is a multi-purpose Ghost theme. Our focus is on supplying a bulletproof foundation that can serve as starting point for advanced web developers, while also providing a clean design for those who prefer to grow their style organically over time. Here are just a few of the features that should be pointed out.

Extends Ghosts Built In Functionality

There are a few elements that every website needs. These are the built in features that are enabled by default and function closest to the core. We recommend keeping these no matter how you choose to customize.

Baked In Add-Ons

Not every user needs every add-on, but ANY user should be able to use them easily. If your site doesn't need a search bar for example, you shouldn't have that included because it will slow things down. With that said, these are the functions that are built in and only need to be enabled or disabled by the user.

Optional Styling

  • Dropcap Paragraphs
  • Fixed Header Images
  • Fallback Homepage
  • A reTweet of all compliments
  • CSS Gradient Shading
  • Conditional Javascript Loading
  • No obnoxious begging
  • Inner Peace

Blue items are included w/ Golden Triangle Ghost Theme *


If you have any general questions about functionality, please feel free to post them in comments in case they can help someone else.

"Can I choose which sorting tags I want?"

Yes. That's an easy adjustment that we've built around.

"Why is there no pagination on the homepage?"

This allows you to select how many posts you want there. Tag pages do have pagination, but this allows you to allot a certain number of posts on the homepage (Or you could just uncomment pagination if you really really want)

"I'm getting bugs - What do I do?!"

Don't forget to restart your server after functional changes. Then refer to your readme.txt file and if you can't find the answer submit a bug. Most bugs will be responded to in 3-5 business days so please be understanding.

"I don't want the frontpage sorting function!"

That's not a question ;) But feel free to remove or rename the home.hbs file and the index.hbs backup will load.

"How do I change the custom post styling?"

You can edit the specific post templates by editing the corresponding post template (Photos for example would be @ partials>post-photo.hbs). Post styles are assigned via post.hbs - You can add new post styles or change the default assignment ordering there.


The Triangle Ghost Theme is primarily built as a time saver for folks with a basic understanding of web development. A huge majority of all questions can be answered by reviewing existing Ghost and UIKit documentation. That said - Our goal is to build quality, so if there is a bug we would love to hear about it so we can adjust accordingly (check your readme.txt file for bug submission link).

If you have more detailed questions or would like to hire Haeck Design to do some custom work, please feel free to shoot us an email. We average 3-5 business days to return new contact queries.

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