Avedon is a Bootstrap based WordPress Theme

Avedon SuperSized Background Rotator
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Supersized is a fullscreen background slideshow and the Avedon WordPress Theme utilizes it to provide visitors a smooth rotating background. The images autosize to the screen allowing everything to stay “responsive”. If you like the effect, we’d suggest checking out…Continue Reading

Avedon Twitter Bootstrap Framework
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Avedon is a Bootstrap WordPress Theme, meaning it’s based on the Twitter Bootstrap structure. While this code base gives you an overwhelming amount of possibilities, we’ll try to cover a few simple one’s here.

Avedon Google WebFonts WordPress Font Icons
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By using a selection of Google WebFonts, you have the ability to easily give your website a unique feel, while also keeping your load times to a minimum.

  • CSS3 StylingClean and simple cssStandard versions w/ minimized loaded
  • HTML5 CoreFuture proof structureMinimal code w/ solid framework elements
  • Bootrap UITwitter Bootstrap included w/ samplesExpandable javascripts are included (if needed)
Responsive Design

By building Avedon on a flexable base, we allow several benefits...

  • Multiple pages of the same content don't need to be created (saving you from possible "duplicate content" issues on the SEO front).
  • Your content will always fit the viewers screen, even if you're viewing it years from now on a device that hasn't been invented yet!
  • By using Bootstrap layout features, you're able to customize the CSS for individual elements on individual devices. Dont want a widget to appear on a mobile phone? Simply add the class "hidden-phone" and consider it done!
Efficient Code

By using proven elements and weaving them tightly, we allow you the ability to use what you want and ignore what you don't. The options are many, but the requirments are few...

SEO Tuned

Measures and thought must be taken. Including H1-H3's, Content focused structure, and minimal code... All important pieces.

Open Graph Meta

By declaring your meta information you ensure the pictures, title, etc that you post (Facebook for example) will match your webpage.

Simple Sharing

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ buttons are already integrated and the Javascripts are only loaded when required (reducing loading time).