Included Social Media Icons

One important aspect you might notice is that we've used the most simple "stamp" versions of each logo. This allows you to both respect "brand standards" and deliver a style that's cohesive to your project. Use CSS to customize your delivery and rest assured that any update of "Get Social" will deliver the simplest possible version of each logo.

HTML Code Sample

There are various methods of delivering icons, but we've chosen to go class-based. Simply add the associated class (like below) and the font will render the appropriate icon wherever you need it.

<i class="gsicon-twitter"></i>

CSS Variations

The above code will render a basic, run of the mill icon. Nothing fancy of course, but your edges will be crisp, sizes can be responsive, and they'll always be fast loading!

When it comes to customizing social media icons, font icons are really the only way to go (...unless you love wasting time). Customize one class and that will uniformly change them all.

Or you can make something dreadfully tacky like this. You're only limited by CSS elements... and don't forget, that means you can create CSS based hover effects in no time.

Can you put them all over buttons and crazy stuff like that?

That's a really poorly worded question.
...and if you like poorly worded questions, definitely check me out on...

Stack Overflow

Not rocket science, But still a very effective way to cover all your "social icon" needs.

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